1. Տեղադրիր am, is, are.

Օր.՝ The weather is nice today.

  1. I am tired.
  2. This bag is heavy.
  3. These bags are heavy.
  4. There is Carol.
  5. My brother and I am Good tennis players.
  6. Ann is at home. Her children are At school.
  7. I am a taxi driver. My sister are a nurse.
  1. Նախադասությունները դարձրու ամբողջական, օգտագործելով Is, isn’t, are, aren’t.

Օր.՝ (your shoes very dirty)   Your shoes are very dirty.


  1. (my father teacher) my father is teacher
  2. (this house not very big) this house isnt very big
  3. The shops not open today) The shops isnt open today
  4. My keys in my bag) my keys is in my bag
  5. (Jenny 18 years old) Jenny are 18 years old.
  6. (you not very tall) you arent very tall


  1. Ավարտիր նախադասությունները, օգտագործելով am, am not, is, isn’t, are, aren’t.

Օր.՝ (I interested in politics.) I’m interested in politics.

  1. (I hungry) I am hungry.
  2. (It warm today) it is warm today.
  3. (I afraid of dogs) I not afraid of dogs.
  4. (my hands cold) My hands isnt cold.
  5. (Canada a very big country) Canada is a very big country.
  6. (diamonds cheap) Diamonds arent cheap.
  7. (I interested in football) I am not interestend in football.
  8. (Rome in Spain) Rome isnt in Spain.
  1. Նախադասությունները դարձրու հարցական, օգտագործելով Is are.

Օր.՝  (at home your mother?) Is your mother  at home?

  1. (your parents well?) Are your parents well?
  2. (your job interesting?) Are your job interesting?
  3. the jobs open today?) Is the jobs open today?
  4. (you interested in sport?) Is you interested in sport?
  5. (near here post office?) Is office near here post?
    (at school your children?) Is your children at school?
  6. (why you late?)  Is you late why?
  1. Նախադասությունները դարձրու ներկա շարունակական:

Օր.՝(I wash my hair)  I am washing my hair.

  1. (It snow)……………………….
  2. (I sit on a chair)…………………
  3. (I eat)…………………………….
  4. (It rain)…………………………..
  5. (I learn English)………………….
  6. (He listen to music)………………
  7. (The sun shine)……………………
  8. (She wear shoes)……………………..

A Visit to London

Last Tuesday Henry Brown took his sons George and Richard and Fred to see LondonThey live about 50 miles from London in a small town called Greenfield. They went by train. It was a steam-train drawn by an engine called King Arthur. Mr. Brown opened the door of an empty carriage and the boys jumped in. The guard blew his whistle and waved his flag and the train started. The train was a fast one. It passed through Knightstown, Sand field before stopping. But it stopped at Crawly Junction where some people got off and where a porter put some bags of letters and parcels into the van. An old lady got into the carriage. She had a bag with her name and address on it. She had a little dogTen minutes later they came into Waterloo station and very soon they were out in the busy streets.

“Come on, boys, we’ll take a bus now.” A big red bus came along marked London Bridge.

Շարունակել կարդալ “A Visit to London”

It is a very interesting story about………

I want to tell interesting storie about about our dog. His name was Mimi. We went to the village and took Mimi with us. One day a turtle came into our yard. And when Mimi saw the turtle, she immediately took it in the teeth and carried it to the to lick․ After some time, the turtle began to slowly run away. But Mimi ran again, grabbed the turtle and returned it to. I was looked them and laughing.

The Gingerbread Boy

Once upon a time a little old man and a little old woman lived in an old house next to a forest. They were very happy except for one thing. They had no child, and they wished for one very much.

One day the little old woman was baking gingerbread. She cut a cake in the shapes of a little boy and put it into the oven. In a little while, she went to see if it was baked. When she opened the oven door, the little Gingerbread Boy jumped out and began to run away as fast as he could go.

The little old woman called her husband. They both ran after the Gingerbread Boy, but they couldn’t catch him.

Soon Gingerbread Boy ran past a field full of farmers. He called out to them as he went by, saying: “I’ve run away from a little old woman, a little old man, and I can run away from you”.

All the farmers started to run after him. They ran fast but they couldn’t catch him.

Soon the Gingerbread Boy ran past a cow. He called out to him: “I’ve run away from a little old woman, a little old man, a field full of farmers, and I can run away from you”.

The cow started to run at once, but she couldn’t catch him. Next, the Gingerbread Boy ran past a pig. He called out to a pig: “I’ve run away from a little old woman, a little old man, a field full of farmers, a cow,  and I can run away from you”.

The pig ran after him, but he couldn’t catch him.

Then the Gingerbread Boy ran past a hungry fox. He called out to the fox:  “I’ve run away from a little old woman, a little old man, a field full of farmers, a cow, a pig, and I can run away from you”.

The fox began to run after the Gingerbread Boy. Foxes can run very fast. Before long, the fox caught the Gingerbread Boy and began to eat him.

Անծանոթ բառեր

gingerbread- մեղրաբլիթ




both- երկուսն էլ

Ընտրիր ճիշտ տարբերակը

  1. Which of these phrases is repeated many times?

a) once upon a time

b) in a little while

c) little old____________

2. What does the Gingerbread Boy say each time he runs past someone?

a) “I can run away from you”

b) “I can eat you”

c) “You can’t catch me”

3. To whom does the Gingerbread Boy call out first?

a) a cow

b) a little old woman and a little old man

c) a field full of farmers

4. Who finally catches the Gingerbread Boy?

a) a fox

b) a little old man

c) a farmer

2. Ընդգծված նախադասությունները դարձրու հարցական և ժխտական

3. Գտիր կարմիր գույնով նշված բառերի հականիշերը

run-stand up
little-a lot

Hovhannes Tumanian: The Hunter That Lied

I swear by my father’s holy baptism and by my mother s birth, we got up one day, five or six of us, and went hunting with sword and gun. There was Hadi, there was Hyudi, there was Chati, there was Mati, there was my father and me, and together we went hunting.

We went straight across mountains and valleys, walking without a word where there was game, crawling without a sound where there was danger.

We walked on and on until suddenly we saw three lakes, two of them dry and the third with no water at all. As we looked we suddenly noticed in the waterless lake three white ducks swimming, two of theni dead and the third not alive at all.

“Hadi, come on, shoot!”

“I’ve no gun.

“Hyudi, come on, shoot!”

“Neither have I.”

“Chati. . .I’vlati.

“Neither have we.

“Then what’s to be done?”

My father held a long, short, thick, thin slick in his hand. He lifted it to his shoulder, took aim and fired… Bang…. He fired and I hit. As I hit it, the duck sprawled —each wing four metres long.

“Hadi! Give me a knife!”

“I have no knife.”

“Hyudi, a knife!”

“Neither have I.” ‘‘Chati. . . lVIati. . “Neither have we.

“Then what’s to be done?”

My father had one but without a blade. We drew this bladeless knife. Hadi tried to cut, but couldn’t. Hyudi tried, but couldn’t. Chati tried, but couldn’t. Mati tried, but couldn’t, and neither could my father. I seized the knife and slew the chick.

I slew it and laid it on the ground. That was no duck! More like a buffalo! Hadi tried to lift it, but couldn’t. Hyudi tried to lift it, but couldn’t. Chati couldn’t, Mati couldn’t, and neither could my father. I grabbed it and lifted it onto my shoulder and off we set.

We walked on and on, until we came to a place and saw three villages. Two were not to be seen at all and the third one had not a single house. We looked around in this lifeless village and found a house where three old women lived, two of them dead and the third not breathing.

“Lads,” we said, “let’s prepare this duck with rice.”

The old woman who wasn’t breathing searched here, there and everywhere and found half a grain of rice and three pots, two of them with holes in and the third with no bottom at all.

We filled the bottomless pot with water, added the rice and duck and cooked the whole without a fire. It cooked and cooked. The meat and rice boiled away and only the water remained.

Ravenous after the hunt, we fell upon the meal. We ate and ate, but our eyes saw nothing and nothing entered our mouths.

couldnt-չի կարող

The Wind and The Sun!

One afternoon the Wind and the Sun were having an argument, about who was stronger.

“I have uprooted huge trees and drowned millions of ships”.

“You can’t do either of those things”, said the Wind proudly.

The Sun smiled and shrugged.

“That doesn’t mean you are more powerful”, said he.

“I can cover you with clouds so that no one can see you.  You can’t do it to me,’ said the Wind.

But the Sun just smiled warmly.

I still think. “I am stronger than you,” he said calmly.

The Wind began to grumble. He didn’t like the idea of the Sun being stronger than him.

“Why don’t we a test?”

The Wind finally suggested. He whipped around looking for something to show off his strength.

“Shall we see who can knock down the most numbers of houses?” he asked.

“Let’s keep it simple. See that man over there?” asked the Sun.

The Wind looked down and saw a man walking down a road. He was whistling happily to himself and had a shawl thrown across his shoulders.

“Shall we see, who can force him off the road first?” the Wind asked.

“No, that will hurt him”, the Sun replied. “Let’s just see, who can take his shawl off.

The Wind shrugged and whipped around the sky. He huffed and puffed and made the leaves shiver in the trees. The man frowned at the sky and wrapped his shawl tightly around himself.

Thunderclouds appeared in the sky. Animals began running for shelter and the Wind began to roar. The man wrapped his shawl even tighter. Soon the thunderclouds drifted away. The Wind had blown himself out.

“I give up, I can’t do it”, panted the Wind.

He curled up on top of a cloud to catch his breath.

“Now it is my turn,” said the Sun.

He yawned lazily and stretched his rays. He seemed to grow brighter and bigger in the sky.

Soon it was as hot as a summer day.

The man looked up at the sky and wiped his sweat off his forehead.

“What strange weather we’re having today”, he said to himself. Then he took his shawl off and tucked it under his arm.

“Looks like you win”, the Wind agreed cheerfully. He clapped his hands and made the leaves on the trees rustle.

“You don’t have to knock the man down to take his shawl off”, said the Sun with the teasing smile.

They laughed together and watched the man walking down the road, again whistling happily to himself.

Գրիր տեքստում ընդգծված բառերի թարգմանությունները։
uprooted-արմատախիլ արված
said calmly-ասաց հանգիստ
wrapped his shawl tightly around himself-Նրա շալը ամուր փաթաթեց իր շուրջը
drifted away-շեղվեց
curled up-
yawned lazily-ծիծաղեց ծուլորեն
wiped his sweat-սրբեց քրտինքը
teasing smile-հուզիչ ժպիտ
whistling happily-ուրախությամբ սուլում է

Տեքստից դուրս գրիր ածականները։
Huge, powerfu, thunderclouds, brighter, bigger, summer

Տեքստից դուրս գրիր մակբայերը /  մակբայը գործածվում է բայի հետ՝happy-happily, beautiful-beautifully,   to smile happily երջանիկ ժպտալ, ուրախ ժպտալ։ մակբայը վերջանում է -ly-վերջածանցով։/

smiled warmly
said calmly
whistling happily
yawned lazily
agreed cheerfully

Գտիր կարմիր գույնով նշված բառերի հականիշները։
no one-
summer day-winter day

Ին՞չ ժամանակաձևով են գրված կապույտ գույնով նշված նախադասությունները։
I am stronger than you-ներկա ժամանակաձև
The Wind began to grumble-ներկա ժամանակաձև
He whipped around looking for something to show off his strength-
Shall we see, who can force him off the road first?-
Shall we see, who can force him off the road first?-

Answer the questions

1. What were The Wind and the Sun talking about?
The wind and the sun were talking about who was stronger than them․

2. What did the Wind say?
He said, why do we not test ourselves?

3. What can he cover with?
He can be covered with his shawl․

4. Was the Sun angry?

5. Did they have a test, and what test it was?
Yes, they check to see who is stronger than them.

6. Did the Wind suggest, and what did it do after that?

7. Who was walking down a road?
A stranger was walking along the road.

8. Say what the Wind did to show his strength?
The wind was blowing hard to show its strength.

9. What did the man do, when thunderclouds appeared in the sky?
He put his shawl tightly on.

10. What did the Sun do?
He made it hot outside and the stranger took off his shawl.

11. Who won the test?
The sun won the test.

12. What did the man say about the weather?
He said what a strange day it is․

13.  What did they do after all?
They reconciled․


5-1 grade
Name  Լիանա Surname Թումասյան
Բայերը դիր ճիշտ ժամանակաձևով։
Last night I slept very badly.
I am (sit) alone and (read) a newspaper now.
I (looked) up and (saw) a man yesterday.
They are laughing and (smiling about something now.
The waiter will (come) over to me tomorrow.
I (not wear) any trousers.
We usually /have dinner/ at 6 o’clock.
Many years ago she /live/ in London.
Տեղադրիր այս նախդիրները՝ on, to, at, in.
You sit on my chair.
They look at the beautiful picture.
I am listening to a radio.
She keeps her clothes in her wardrobe.
They are sitting at the table.
The lessons begin at 9 o’clock.
The food is on the table.
Ընտրիր ճիշտ տարբերակը։
1. All my friends know English best than me. a) better b) good c) best
2. One of my friends is the worst student in the class. He doesn’t like to study. a) bad b) worse c) worst
3. My school bag is heavier than my friend’s bag. a) heavy b) heavier c) heaviest
4. I am the worse dancer in the world. a) bad b) worse c) worst
5. My grandfather has a lot of books. But he has least books than we have in our school library. a) little b) less c) least
6. She is the most beautiful girl at school.. a) many b)more c) most
Տեղադրիր ճիշտ տարբերակը։
There are many books on the shelf. /many, much/
Is there some milk in the fridge? /some, any/
There is …..cake on the table. /some, any/
There aren’t ……bikes in the street./some, any/
How ….bananas are there? /many, much/
There are much sugar in the pot./ many, much/