My favorite animal

I love all animals. All animals must be loved. My favorite animal is my dog. My dog belongs to the rotavelir breed. When people look at him on the street, they are scared, but in fact he is a very kind and intelligent dog. He loves all members of our family. When we get home, he runs to us, and joyfully jumps on us. I love my dog.


Revision 5th grade
Name Liana, surname Tumasyan, class 5-1

Ընտրիր ճիշտ տարբերակը
1. She is the most beautiful girl in the class.
2. My room is bigger than your room.
3. It is the best book in the world.
4. Summer is the hotter than spring.
5. My grandfather is older than my father.

Ընտրիր ճիշտ տարբերակը
1. I am eating now.
2. Yesterday he went to the cinema.
3. We will climb the tree tomorrow.
4. You usually have dinner at 6 o’clock.
5. She does her lessons every day.
6. He is listening, to the radio now.
7. England is the largest part of Great Britain.
8. Four hundred years ago some people sailed to North America to live there.

Կարդա հարցը և ընտրիր ճիշտ տարբերակը։
What are you doing?
a) I am eating+
b) I ate
c) I have eaten
What did you eat last night?
a) Spaghetti+
b) With my family
a) At home
Where do you usually eat lunch?
a) At 12
b) With Jane
a) At school+
What did you do yesterday?
a) I played+
b) I am playing
c) I plays

The Greedy Hippo

There was a greedy hippoHe ate everything in sight, from cheese to peas, chips and cakes.Hippo was selfish. He ate everybody’s food- the cat’s, the dog’, the cow’s. One morning  after breakfast he jumped into the lake and couldn’t  get out. That was a big mistake. The hippo began to shout.

”Help, please, I’m sinking. Pull me out”.

The animals pulled and pulled as hard as they could. The animals got angry and decided to play a trick on him. They made a pie from fish and soap.

”We have made a pie especially for you”.

”Thanks”, he said, ”I’ll eat it now”.
Շարունակել կարդալ “The Greedy Hippo”

What schools are Brittany

In the UK, the school begins as we have with five years. The British believe that Monday is not the best day to start school. For the first time, they don’t have any no bags or books with them. They will receive school tedrati, pencils pens, rulers. As with us, their classes begin at nine o’clock. At eleven, students drink milk or orange juice, and then they eat meat, pudeng, apple or cake for lunch. like us in the first and second grade they sit on a carpet on the floor and listen teachers.